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Related Projects

Related projects

We have carefully curated a list of libraries that are worth having a look at.

Because the scope of problems Material-UI solves is limited, we try to play nicely with other libraries. Feel free to submit a pull request to add more projects; we will accept them if they match our criteria.

Design resources


This is a collection of projects that we couldn't better contextualize in the documentation pages.

  • Advanced Filter Builder Component will help your users create powerful filter criterias.
  • create-mui-theme Online tool for creating Material-UI themes via Material Design Color Tool
  • dx-react-chart-material-ui A chart for Material-UI that visualizes data using a variety of series types, including bar, line, area, scatter, pie, and more (custom license).
  • material-ui-autosuggest A fuzzy-search component for React and Material-UI.
  • material-ui-theme-editor A tool to generate themes for your Material-UI applications by just selecting the colors and having a live preview.
  • mui-downshift Thin layer over paypal's downshift to use Material-UI visual components.
  • react-basket A shopping basket components library based on material-ui components.
  • Wertarbyte This is a collection of complementary components Wertarbyte have built. Carousel, Image, Password, Rating, Icons, etc.